66. Taboo at Davos

The elite of the worlds of high finance, corporations, politics, public relations, the media and economics are gathered in snow-bound Davos to attend packed talks, conferences, meetings, dinners and parties. But do these posturing experts really look at the world’s economic challenges? To counter-balance this trendy social event I am listing a dozen radical but vital topics which will NOT be addressed by this Forum:

Six issues:

  1. The fundamental incompatibility of the teachings of Muhammad and Capitalism
  2. Mafia infiltration of global corporations
  3. The rape of African resources by foreign investors
  4. The strengthening and enlargement of cooperatives
  5. The weakness of labor’s (such as ILO) representation and global effectiveness
  6. The uncontrolled chaos of global commodity markets

Six Questions:

  1. Could a global currency replace the Dollar, the Euro, or the Pound as the basis of transactions. What would follow the collapse of the Euro?
  2. Could a new monetary exchange, such as Bitcoin, be effectively introduced by governments?
  3. How could corporations be stopped from evading national taxation?
  4. What steps must be taken to provide jobs for billions of youngsters over the next decades? Are economic expectations of our children realistically headed downwards?
  5. Are we facing up to the economic challenges of strengthening education through the internet?
  6. Has capitalism enhanced the revolutionary goal of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” or downgraded it?

Perhaps one of the above will be discussed in Davos 2016 ?

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