SATAN is not as popular as he was only 50 years ago — except perhaps among Evangelicals. And yet it seems that even among religious believers in the United States, the Devil in Donald Trump goes largely unrecognized.

As a confessed agnostic I find this to be extraordinary because Donald Trump has all the characteristics described by Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Dante, Milton and others in their portrayals of the Prince of Darkness:

  • All agree that the devil is a confirmed Liar.
  • His being exudes Hate.
  • His favorite techniques include the manipulative exercise of cunning in turning one group against another.
  • He excels in spreading fear.
  • His prejudices are endemic.
  • He tends to equate women with “sin.”
  • Human imperfections are subject to his full contempt.
  • He boasts of the triumphs of his falsehood.
  • He has the utmost contempt for those who don’t believe in him.
  • A standard operating procedure of his is to spin the threat of death.
  • Brazen pretense is his trademark.
  • Deceptive smiles are always of the essence.
  • Loyalty has little meaning for him.
  • His contemporary use of the exclamation, “You’re Fired!” originated in the old day when sinners were assigned to the Inferno.
  • This social media Lucifer does his best never to mention the name of his eternal opponent, God.

The great poet, John Milton, best described the cynical Satan, that personification of evil, in Paradise Lost:

“…round he throws his baleful eyes

That witness’d huge affliction and dismay

Mixt with obdurate pride and steadfast hate.”